There are a whole lot of people willing to step onto a one-way ride to Mars. To a place that they might not make it to, might crash and die before setting foot on, might land but suffer failure, after failure and watch their companions die one by one. Where after weeks of struggle, being the last one alive, they eat their comrades for a few more days. But with out these bold people we would be neglecting the spirit in every human to further our borders. This will be the first generation to start mapping new territory since we mapped our fair planet and I think that before many of us turn our noses up at the prospect with an “it’ll never happen” attitude they should commend the star eyed individuals that have put them selves forward. Many people got aboard flights from nation to nation and did not make their destination, let alone planet to planet.

We were going through the old demo’s, the one mic wonders stored away in our phones. Looking at the songs that made the trip from there to a full album recording and production. And the songs that never made their destination. Because after that no one is looking for them. They just kind of ran out of fuel and went into nothings. We wanted to document a few here, give a little window past the obvious. So we’ll be putting something up every week, a demo, a photograph. Something from our side of life.

Here’s ‘Humans’ rough demo:



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